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Eyelash Services

Skin Care

Face & Body Waxing

Custom Classic Lashes

1 wk fill |   40$

2 wk fill |   50$

3 wk fill |   75$

 Full Set | 135$

Custom Hybrid Lashes

1 wk fill |   45$

2 wk fill |   65$

3 wk fill |   90$

 Full Set | 165$

Custom Volume Lashes

1 wk fill |   50$

2 wk fill |   75$

3 wk fill | 100$

 Full Set | 195$

Lash Lifting & Tinting

Custom Skin Analysis & Product Guidance | 50$

Add Personalized Take Home

    Product | 40$

Pre/Post Wax Services

Brow | 15$

Lip | 10$

Chin | 15$

Jaw | 30$

Neck | 15$

Nose |   7$

Full Face | 50$

Underarms | 20$

Half Arm | 40$

Full Arm | 50$

Half Leg | 40$

Full Leg | 75$

Brazilian | 65$

Bikini | 40$

Mod. Brazilian | 60$

Brow+1 (lip or chin) | 20$

Brow+2 (lip & chin) | 30$

Brazilian Ingrown Hair Treatment | 80$

Underarm Ingrown Hair Treatment | 45$

1/2 Leg Ingrown Hair Treatment | 75$

Full Leg Ingrown Hair Treatment | 125$

Eyebrow Services

Lash Lift & Curling |   50$

Lash Tinting |   75$

Lash Lift, Curl, & Tint | 100$

Brow Tinting |   25$

Brow Tint & Wax |   35$

Brow Tint, Wax, & Shape |   45$

15min Free Consultations For Any service

Meet Lily


Hi! I'm Natalie

I strive to help women feel beautiful in their own skin. I really feel that we don't give ourselves enough credit as women, and that we also need to help build each other up in as many ways as possible. I strive to do that through my Aesthetic Artistry with each and every client. I have a winding journey into Aesthetics that began in 2014 when I became a professional Special FX makeup artist. I was interested in skin and anatomy which naturally led me to enroll at Panache Academy of Beauty in 2016, where I graduated early and became a Wisconsin Licensed Aesthetician. Since then I have become a Certified Body Waxer and a Double Certified Lash Technician. I know what it's like to feel frustrated and confused when it comes to personal beauty, and I have a mission to help demystify the beauty industry and all the so-called "secrets" that it holds. I invite you to book with me, and start a new relationship with yourself and your own personal beauty journey

What's different about my lashes?

I take my time. Plain and simple. Eyelash extensions are not a quick and speedy process, and the difference in how I work comes out in your lash retention and the overall health of your lashes. Even if you decide to take a break from your extensions, your lashes will be healthy and kink-free. Come have a nap, a chat, or both! You can relax however you choose, and know that you'll open your eyes to a beautiful transformation

What's different about my waxing?

I believe waxing is hygiene and shouldn't be viewed negatively. There's a way to wax that minimizes the pain and ensures the care of your skin. As an Aesthetician, my main concern is the overall health of your skin. That is why I chose multiple waxes that vary from low temp, plastic and dye free, as well as containing tea tree oil to mitigate redness and swelling


“Natalie's my lash girl. Always will be.“


“Her services are incredible and so is she. It's so relaxing to be able to come to a comfortable clean space with no kids for awhile“

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